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Marcus watched the scene with worry as the Pikachu stood back up, managing to not only call for help, but also to make it rain. The electricity cackling out of all of their checks seemed even stronger than usual because of it. Something Marcus knew would be dangerous because of all of his Pokemon's typing. A flying, Ice, and a water and ice wasn't exactly the best match for a group of angry electric types, but he had no choice.

Gathering his new team mate, Marcus was quick to release it, doing the same with his Pidgey. His mind cursing itself for his stupidity in not having taken the time to heal it at the Center before running wildly around the city. Meaning he was to fight three electric types -- a weakness shared with his whole party -- with a team that is already weak from battle.

He shared a look with his Pidgey, the only Pokemon in his possession to have experienced an extreme battle. Or any in fact, that wasn't waged against a wild Pokemon. This battle, however, was different -- each of these Pokemon had once been trained by a trainer -- making them a step above the average encounter. The only upside was that the one that seemed to be the boss was weak from the last battle. If he could call having the energy to summon a storm weak.

The two groups just stood and watched each other. Each tempted to make the first move, but knowing that being the one to make the first mistake is what would cost the battle. Snorunt appearing more serious than before, something Marcus hoped would be a good thing. Maybe it was the fact that Norman had seen potential in him, or perhaps the lightning that he had already been struck with that day, but Marcus felt like he could pull it off. He just needed a bit of luck.

"Pidgey use Swagger! Spheal, Snorunt Icy Wind!" Marcus commanded, trying his best to usher the command with the fewest words. Pidgey was the first to move, circling the three as it taunted them, enraging them even more, but making them dizzy as well. The cold wind that pushed the three back came as a surprise to them, but Marcus knew as he watched them stand up that it hadn't helped their rage any.

"Dodge!" A command he had spouted for everyone, the Pikachu's firing their electricity almost as if at random because of their confusion. "Tackle Pidgey!" Marcus felt hopeful when he watched his Pidgey dive towards the nearest Pikachu, striking it hard and swiftly. Marcus was curious though as he watched the Pikachu pick itself up with a smirk, but when Pidgey suddenly cried out and fell to the ground it had become obvious. Pidgey had been hit by Static.

"****. Spheal use Water Gun! Cover for Pidgey!" His words hadn't been fast enough, a bolt of electricity hitting the imbolized Pokemon causing it to become unconscious after a quick cry of pain. Returning it to its pokeball -- grateful it had been able to do what it did with so little health -- he suddenly wasn't so hopeful.

"Pika, Pi, Pikachu!" The boss yelled, evading Spheal's Water Gun with ease as if in a show of power. Marcus figured the words to be some form of insult, and was fairly certain he was correct.

"**** you too! Snorunt use Double Team!" Marcus exclaimed as he read from the Pokedex, watching as his single Snorunt, became three completely perfect copies. "Now Icy Wind all of you!" The attacks were carried out at the same time as the Pikachu's second wave of electric bolts were fired out, making both sides take damage. Damage that Marcus was not fond of, as Spheal was now on its last legs. One of the lackey Pikachu got a sudden boost of courage, leaving its group to try to hit Marcus' Pokemon with a physical move. A move Marcus never got to see as his Spheal and Snorunt had quickly dealt it some blows, defeating it. The Pikachu posse had attacked again in anger, one of them trying to hit Snorunt, but only dispelling an illusion while the other succeeded in hitting Spheal. Rendering it unable to battle any further.

"It's just us now. Let's go down fighting." Marcus explained to the Pokemon as it stood before him, his other two currently resting in their pokeballs. "Snorunt use Powder Snow!" The two Snorunt's had hit the Pikachu's with their best attempt at producing damaging snow from their mouths, but the rain wasn't helping anything.

The Pikachu had only been frustrated further by the attack, the leader exchanging words with his remaining lackey, who quickly gave a curt nod. Thier bodies becoming enveloped in white as they sudden moved to run at Snorunt, something Marcus had actually hoped for. "Jump and use Icy Wind!" Snorunt obeyed as quick as it could, the deciding factor as not even a second later the two Pikachu were upon it, one of them grazing the bottom of its feet causing it to tilt in the air as it readied the attack, but the Pikachu didn't notice, as they had been more concerned on dealing with the fact that they had run into each other.

The only downside to all of it, was that the Icy Wind attack had been fired at an angle that Snorunt hadn't been prepared for, making it miss the boss Pikachu, and hit its lackey instead. Successful in knocking it out as well. The battle was once again on even ground. If a battle against an electric type in an enclosed space in the pouring rain was even ground.

"Screw it, Snorunt use Bite!" The Pikachu expertly avoided the Snorunt as it lunged at its foe, rewarded with being struck by its opponents electric attack. Snorunt too, could be seen visibly near exhaustion, but on the plus side, so could its opponent. He had a plan, but he would hate himself for doing it. He knew with Pikachu's superior speed, it would get the first attack off, and with Snorunt's lack of health, it would win. So as the Pikachu readied its strike, electricity seen bouncing across its face, Marcus took the oppertunity to stand between it and Snorunt, just as he had when it had first met. And just the same as they had first met, the electricity hurt. Amplified by the rain, the electricity was close to making Marcus himself become unconscious, but the Pikachu had once again halted, confusion etched on its face as to why a human would dare take its attack twice to defend another.

That was the moment Marcus struck. "Icy Wind!" Marcus bellowed as he jumped out of the way, practically forcing his body to move as it threatened to shut down on him. His muscles ached with pain, his skin wet and cold from the rain and snow, and his Pokemon managing to succeed in landing the surprise Icy Wind attack. All of which were things that Marcus would use to describe a good day as he readied another empty pokeball. Throwing it at Pikachu, not having the desire to catch it until he realized he most likely wouldn't win a battle against it. Much like the feelings he held when he was fighting Pidgey.

As the orb sucked the Pokemon inside, he questioned whether or not it would keep as he tried to think of new plans to use incase.
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