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    According to ignorant users on Serebii they think marijuana will kill you and makes you angry like your on PCP. Last time I checked marijuana helps mental illnesses and calms you down. If you get aggressive while high of off marijuana it was obviously laced or they have no clue what they're talking about. I'ts been proven to cure cancer, help with aids, adhd, glaucoma, anxiety, stress, depression, etc. Idk what they're talking about.

    Saturated fats, which are hamburgers, bacon, hot dogs, etc can block your arteries, increase your blood pressure and then eventually lead to heart problems, and then heart attacks. It doesn't say it will, if you chronic eat it then it may, but if you eat it in moderation you'll be perfectly fine.

    Caffeine can strip you of your vitamins and minerals, cause heart palpitations, anxiety, blurred vision, leading the heart palpitations to a possible heart attack and interferes with the absorption of calcium. That doesn't make it bad, but in moderation it's perfectly fine.

    Alcohol can cause anxiety, slow breathing and heart rate, impaired judgement, loss of consciousness, suffocation through choking on your own vomit and potentially fatal alcohol poisoning. Alcohol dehydrates you, dries out your skin, and if you drink heavily you may develop rosacea, a skin disorder that starts with a tendency to blush and flush easily and can progress to facial disfigurment, a condition known as rhinophyma. Alcohol is also linked with liver disease. That doesn't make it bad, you just gotta drink in moderation, and drinking in moderation has been proven to help the heart.

    The same goes for marijuana, moderate use is just fine, just like all the others I've mentioned. Just because it says those things doesn't mean it's gonna happen. Just because you eat a hamburger everyday doesn't mean your gonna die from a heart attack. Just because you drink a pot of coffee everyday doesn't mean your gonna have a heart attack, just because you drink a couple beers a day doesn't mean your gonna have liver failure, and a bowl or 2 of marijuana everyday will not cause any issues either because it's using it in moderation and not abusing it.
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