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Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post
Emolga's really not cut to be wall... if you want to use it, go for the 31 Sp.Att IV one.
While you're right in that it shouldn't be used as a wall, it has 2 in speed. :( The last one he captured has okay speed and 30 spa, which is comparatively better, given Emolga specialises in speed and having a 2 speed IV is very unfortunate.

Also @ Cyclone, it's not Levitate, it's part flying - in fact one of its abilities allow it to absorb electricity! :) Anyway you want to be able to outspeed her birds so you're best off going for the higher speed you can get (so because of Emolga being somewhat frail you need to not take many hits and rather all-out attack), given they're pretty frail and die easily (and generally she's the easiest gym leader to face).

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