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    Well, Tyranitar's first ability is Sand Stream. It's not used much in the games because the player might abuse it to his/her favor.

    Back in GSC times, I think Tyranitar was meant to be a "surprise" to the player, which is why no trainer used it. I only had a list of names of the 100 new Pokémon, no pictures. So I desperately wanted to see what Tyranitar looked like. When my Pupitar finally evolved, I wasn't disappointed! :D I couldn't use it in story mode, but damn it was powerful. I had two of them. :D The only problem with it was that I wanted both Houndoom and Tyranitar in my team, which would give me two weaknesses to Water and Fighting. When I wanted a more balanced team, I replaced either, but my "fun" team always had both.

    Only three people (Blue, Grimsley, Roark) use it in the games, and in only one case (Roark) the ability doesn't hurt their team.

    TBH I think someone powerful should use Tyranitar. It's the hardest Pokémon to raise in GSC (I hate Pupitar), and it's among the rarest as well (only found in one place, which happens to be right before the end of the game). Tyranitar needs more love.

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    The commonly accepted definition for Pseudo-Legendary is a non-legendary pokémon that has a Base Stat total of 600 and has at least one immunity.
    Immunity is not necessary.

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