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Lucy - ???
Lucy briefly placed a hand on Amy's shoulder as if to remind her that she was being paid attention to, a firm but gentle grip from someone who was trying to multi-task pretty hard here. She took a domineering stance that involved sticking her chest out and placing her hands on her hips as she listened to Blaine however, which said a little something about how she was feeling at the moment. She was not amused, and she wanted him to respect her will. This was... sadly not happening. It thinned her patience.

And then it became evident where her attention was desperately needed. It wasn't on the new boy. She was willing to tear her thoughts from him for a moment. Someone needed a reality check..

"You /must/ be new here..." she said in a blatantly, condescendingly sweet tone. "Welcome to /our/ world." she continued in a much less subtly hostile tone, finally dropping her domineering stance and abruptly advancing on the man in front of her that mocked her with his ignorance. How dare he enter /her/ world, a world watched over by a vengeful god that had set down some pretty clear ground rules, and then propose to defy that god and take her world from her? She did not like this man's guts whatsoever. "It's not /your/ world anymore--" she went on, still quite hostile, and forcefully grabbed at Blaine's neck. "It's ours, and we've got /rules/ around here!" she went on and on, this time forcefully shoving him against a wall, deliberately holding back enough to avoid seriously injuring him, though her manhandling was probably somewhat painful.

He hadn't even breached the surface yet.

"Rule number one..." Lucy started, and began to lift Blaine up by his neck with a single hand. It was no doubt a horrible experience for the man, but it wouldn't kill him... immediately. He was however effectively being strangled, making breathing difficult and giving him approximately two to three minutes to live, assuming she kept him in this position. He could kick and flail all he liked, but it was frankly a hopeless endeavor. Any resistance at all would have. She was much faster, much stronger, much more durable, and had a pretty darn healthy body for someone living in a world where starvation was an extreme problem.

"You /don't/ bring your stupid... /ideals/ to /our world/!" she said, now extremely hostile in tone. "Rule number two... You /don't/ mess with the pokespirits." she continued, her eyes narrowed slightly as she went on. "Rule number three. You don't mess with the kids who haven't gotten their pokespirits either!" she continued, pausing a moment to think. Bay might recognize these 'rules' as interpretations of Arceus' laws--Or at least the ones relevant to a pure human.

"...Rule number four." she started, in a more calm tone. "Amethyst is...--She's like...--She's my daughter." Lucy said, becoming slightly awkward with her phrasing as if she hadn't quite come to terms with her own feelings until now. "...And as far as I'm concerned, you're her /dog/." Lucy said in contempt. "Now guess how many of those rules you've broken..." she finished in a condescendingly sweet tone. Notably, the lips on her stomach had puckered outwards a bit in anticipation of use. At that point, she turned her gaze on Amethyst and gave her a look that seemed to suggest she was asking for approval. The man still hadn't been held up long enough to actually kill him.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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