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    Originally Posted by rocky4got10 View Post
    Hey! I finally found someone who still plays Leaf Green and Fire Red :D

    My question is: do you know any community where we can battle and trade online in the way described in this thread?
    And if it doesn't exist, would you like to help me in creating it?
    If it's me your talking about, I don't think there is one, but I would be glad to help in creating a server or something on the line of a Virtual Linking System or like that, where people that play pokemon on a VBA console could speak, trade and battle with each other.
    So if any of these arguments fit your liking, sir, I would be more than happy to help you create a good community for VBA users. PM me in any case.

    EDIT: If you also might like, I would love to trade or battle with you, I don't cheat and level up, I just catch mostly, but if you would love I would have a level 50 battle with you! And trade too.
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