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Originally Posted by NinjaLadyHinata View Post
OT? Sorry I've just recently discovered the wonders of forums xD. I can guarantee that my shiny Unfezant is not a clone though, if you need me to verify some other way that's fine.
OT mans the original trainer, it should be above the ID on the Unfezant's status screen.
I could check it first by trading you a random Pokemon for it first. But if you want to do it yourself, go to, it'll tell you how to upload a Pokemon's data onto there. When you do, send me a link to its legality analysis.

Originally Posted by danaxe View Post
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what kind of pokemon do you want?
I have my wants listed in my first post in the first scrolling menu.

A heads up to everyone, my internet is messed up right now so I won't be able to trade until the problem is resolved.
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