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    Update 2


    I know just started this challenge, but I'm trying to finish it before the year ends. So I'm shifting into MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE.
    I quickly went to go destroy Brock's gym with Bulbasaur and was rewarded with the Boulderbadge. After a quick heal at the Pokemon Center and some more extreme shopping, I headed on down to Route 3. Bulbasaur evolved after one battle. I entered Mt. Moon, but soon left since Ivysaur was running out of PP for her moves. After re-entering Mt. Moon, I preceded to find the exit. By the time I left Mt. Moon, Ivysaur was very overleveled. Level 23, I believe. That's almost twice the levels of most of the Trainer's Pokemon were in Mt. Moon. Arriving in Cerulean City, I first headed for the Pokemon Center. After a quick heal, I remembered something. My rival. There's a battle with just up ahead, near the Nugget Bridge. With experience from previous playthroughs, I knew for sure he had two Pokemon that I would have trouble with. A Pidgeotto and a Charmeleon. That's a big issue, even with Ivysaur being a bit overleveled. She is still my only Pokemon. I decided to go defeat the gym for some extra training first. With Ivysaur, I easily defeated Misty and was rewarded with the Cascadebadge. I went ahead and decided to go battle my rival, Gary. And I saved just before and ended the game.

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