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Originally Posted by Za_Destroyer View Post
Anyway, so I just finished this HG/SS style town map. Here it is:

So, what do you guys think?
It's a bit tiny so I dd have some trouble rating it. However, I must say it looks pretty good from what I can tell. You captured the HG/SS theme well.

Some more of my Gym Leaders~

Melanie- "The ghoulish Gothic girl." (name derived from Melania- meaning black; dark)
Gym Leader of Duskomb Town
Badge- Spirit Badge
Type- Ghost

* Duskull lv 25
* Sableye lv 26
* Misdreavus lv 28

Desc.- Melanie is a eery girl who is fixated on everything Gothic. She originally used Psychic Pokemon, but when an illness one day took away her most precious Pokemon, she started to train Ghost types instead knowing they cannot die. Melanie also guards the local crypt near her hometown where Pokemon both locally and afar are laid to rest.

Melanie is very silent, but takes all of her duties seriously and strongly dislikes those who are disruptive, especially if they are disrupting the dead.

Willow- "The tree temptress."
Gym Leader of ??? City
Badge- Sprout Badge
Type- Grass

* Jumpluff lv 30
* Roselia lv 32
* Gloom lv 28
* Bellossom lv 33

Desc.- Willow is a rather stubborn and feisty Gym Leader, who is quick to judge people and deem them unworthy of her present. Contrasting with this, if someone beats her, she does respect them unlike some Gym Leaders who'd rather refuse to give up their badge. Willow also is very passionate about gardening and her team reflects this. Her Pokemon have often been known to assist her. Not only that, but she is also an artist, and she expresses her creative side through her appearance.

Her design has a very hippy-like theme, reflecting her natural roots.

Estelle- "The iron maiden."
Gym Leader of ??? City
Badge- Gear Badge
Type- Steel

* Magneton lv 33
* Skarmory lv 34
* Steelix lv 34
* Aggron lv 36

Desc.- Estelle is a very strong-willed lady who maintains both a family life and gym. She also has a deep love for history and dresses in a medieval fashion to reflect this. She is one of the oldest Gym Leaders, and her attitude and personality reflect this. She is very wise and is a refreshing change from the previous female Gym Leaders, as she has a very loving and kind attitude. At home she has her husband and her two older children.