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Yeah, icons are supposed to be simple and easy on the eyes. Too much effects or activity just does more harm than good. ;] And glad to see you taking note of my criticism. I'm really excited to see your next stuff now! :D

As for experimenting - just go for it! I'm sure you'll do much better if you rid yourself of any kind of unnecessary restriction. ;D

Onto the new tag - It is really easy on the eyes so that's a plus. Positioning of the render is pretty good as well and you have some good lighting in it. You also took care of depth to a certain degree by blurring where you thought was relevant. My two main complaints with this tag, though, lie in the text and the effects. The text, I feel, lie far away from the focal which kinda distracts the viewer's eye. It should be placed a little closer to him. And I don't really like the font used, either. I think you could experiment a bit with fonts. Dafont has some really good ones, y'know. Just get 'em and start experimenting! ;D The tag falls a bit short on the effects' side. I mean, it looks appealing as it is but there's not much going on in there besides lanturn and that pretty background. Some more background as well as foreground effects would really help the tag, imo. I can see you tried to smudge by looking at the background and I really appreciate the effort. I was never good at smudging so I'm glad to see a fellow graphic artist give it a go! :DDD

Just a little bit of tweaking can do this tag wonders, y'know. But yeah, really good attempt. Especially since it is your first tag in a while. Keep it up! :]
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