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    -- UPDATE 1 --

    First update for the Monocolor Challenge, took down the first 3 gyms and caught my first 3 Pokemon.

    - Picked Bulbasaur - Lettuce (HM Slave)
    - First battle against Xerxes
    - Lost against Xerxes
    - Arrived in Viridian City
    - Received and delivered Oak’s Parcel
    - Obtained Pokedex and bought Pokeballs
    - Caught Weedle - Sgt. Sting
    - Caught Pikachu - Wheeler
    - Sgt. Sting evolved into Kakuna in Viridian Forest
    - Sgt. Sting evolved into Beedrill south of Pewter City
    - Arrived in Pewter City
    - Beaten by Brock 5 times
    - Did extreme training on my party
    - Challenged Brock
    - Wheeler took out Geodude with a barrage of Quick Attacks
    - Switched out to Sgt. Sting and poisoned Onix with Poison Sting
    - Finished Onix with Focus Energy and a lot of Fury Attacks
    - Defeated Brock and received the Boulder Badge

    - Entered Mt. Moon
    - Used TM01 to teach Wheeler Mega Punch
    - Beat Supernerd and took Helix Fossil
    - Arrived in Cerulean City
    - Second battle against Xerxes
    - Sgt. Sting took out Pidgeotto with Fury Attack
    - Sgt. Sting beat Abra with Poison Sting
    - Rattata beat Sgt. Sting with Quick Attack
    - Wheeler knocked out Rattata with a Mega Punch and a Quick Attack
    - Wheeler beat Charmander with Thundershock and Mega Punch
    - Breezed through Nugget Bridge
    - Saved Bill and received the S.S. Ticket
    - Challenged Misty
    - Staryu fell to two Thundershocks from Wheeler
    - Switched to Sgt. Sting and took out Starmie with double Twineedles
    - Defeated Misty and received the Cascade Badge

    - Defeated the Rocket thief and received TM28
    - Traveled through the underground tunnel and arrived in Vermillion City
    - Battled through the S.S. Anne
    - Caught Drowzee - Sandman
    - Used TM44 to teach Sandman Rest and TM08 to teach Sandman Body Slam
    - Third battle with Xerxes
    - Sandman took out Pidgeotto, Raticate, Kadabra, and Charmeleon with relative ease
    - Received Cut from the captain
    - Left the S.S. Anne
    - Challenged Lt. Surge
    - Sgt. Sting took out Voltorb and Pikachu with Twineedle
    - Sandman subdued Raichu with Confusion
    - Defeated Lt. Surge and received the Thunder Badge

    - Used TM24 to teach Wheeler Thunderbolt

    ~-~ Team ~-~

    Sgt. Sting - Level 25
    Poison Sting
    Fury Attack

    Wheeler - Level 25
    Mega Punch
    Thunder Wave
    Quick Attack

    Sandman - Level 25
    Body Slam

    ~-~ HM Slaves ~-~


    -- END OF UPDATE 1 --
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