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Hello PC!

I have now came up with a new RM2k3 game.

Pokémon Turbulant Souls Version is my 5th attempted for a RM2k3 game
I know about RMXP and the Essientials, but I still am interested wth RM2k3
Pokémon Turbulant Souls, PTS, is a devamp and is GSC styled
I am aware that people call RM2K3 obsolete. I don't think so. It still has variables, conditional branchs, good animation, and so on, so forth
PTS uses the RM2K3 BS just to make things interesting. You can battle along side your pokemon though you don't have any moves. I PURPOSELY did that so PTS is unique.
You will NOT expect bunches progress, I only work on weekends.
EDIT: there has been some misunderstanding. I am not using DarkDoom3000's resources in anyway.
Also, I do have a idea how to use Essentials, I am developing a game using XP right now, but I thought this project would be a little more challenging and unique.

Map: One Route
Two towns
Eventing: 1 town
Intro finished
BS: I am trying to make a full BS with new moves and different abilities using RM2K3 BS
CBS: Still Deciding
Trainer Card
Badge Case

Main: John
Rival: Kanan
Professor: Oak and Ran
Opposing Team:
Team Cyber
Team Galactic soon

Intro: A 12 year old boy named John\Character just entered into the world of Pokemon. His old budd Janan, A exciting young boy, tells him that Prof Ran had something important to say and that you can't tell your mom. You come with him, and Prof Ran alerts you of the dangers of team Cyber, a evil team who just created Project 55 PROTOCAM. They use it to capture pics of Pokemon and copying them into real ones. That leads a sideefect to the Pokemon they took a pic of. Prof. Ran tells you that he is part of team JUSTICE STAR, a team opposing team Cyber, Prof Ran asks you to take on a dangerous journey to capture all the Pokemon with side effects and grow with them as partners. He gives you both a trainer card and a badge case. He wants you to get all the badges because they contain a substance that team Cyber needs. Theres 5 badges from each gym. Prof Ran tells you to leave home. Prof Ran says that he will convince your parents that this is a right thing to do.
You go on your journey and you meet new pokemon and discover new paths. You overcome team Cyber and you save the Champion of the Scythe Region from harm.
The reason the game is called Turbulent Souls is that you found out that the leader of the Team Cyber is just a evil ghost from the evil times that needs reviving. His name is Gladius. He takes all the pics of Pokémon because together the pics revived has enough Pokémon Dream Energy to resurrect Gladius to life. Gladius then wants to seize control over the world.

Need Hiring:
Spriters for the Badge Case
Spriters for the Trainer Card
Spriters for Devamped Trainer sprites and Devamped Rival sprite.
Note: I cannot sprite
Please comment on my proggress or note on what needs improvising

DarkDoom3000 for almost all resourses , great thanks to him
Me: Title, developing, designing


New support bar


Thanx!! :D
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