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Hope EVeryone is ready for Christmas...

Anyway FINAL Post for my Challenge...took awhile to get time to finish this but Fire Red Omega Challenge is Complete

12/24/12 -complete-
Aerial the Altaria (f) (ALTARIA)
Sky Attack/Fly/Dragon Dance/Dragonbreath

Gabbei the Jynx (f) (Ugly)
Psychic/Lovely Kiss/Wish/Ice Beam

NorthWind the Suicune (BST under 600)
Surf/Mirror Coat/Rain Dance/Aurora Beam

Xavi the Abrok (Evil Team Pokemon 70 BPoiwer moves or less)
Dig/Screech/Giga Drain/Bite

Shockachu the Pikachu (m) (NFE)
Thunderbolt/Agility/Mega Punch/Strength *lol yes he was able to move boulders lol*

Bastra the Sceptile (Favorite Move)
Leaf Blade/Thunderpunch/Screech/Mega Kick

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERY and thanks Sydian for a fun event

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