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Originally Posted by Fearow_Fan View Post
Is there a way to tell how the various stats of a given Pokemon will look at any given level for generations that don't have the 'Nature' quality?


In my Red game, I caught a level 4 Kakuna (gotta love those 'catch it before it should exist' encounters!) and I'm planning to level it to 99 and then let it evolve to Beedrill at 100 so I have a slower but higher defense version of it.

However, at level 64 with it right now and it's really starting to take its toll on me and I have trouble judging whether or not it will have a significant enough change in stat allocation to make it worth continuing.

So, again, any way to punch in what a Pokemon will look like, statwise, when there aren't things like their nature to worry about (since again, this is Gen 1 for my example)?
There really isn't any way to know, as I'm assuming you haven't recorded what Pokémon you have defeated with Kakuna. Also evolving Kakuna into Beedrill at lv100 compared to lv10 will make no difference to stats in the long run if you defeat the same Pokémon. Kakuna's defence will drop when it evolves into Beedrill.