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The black haired boy sat slumped in the back of the theater, watching the show with half an eye at first. He wasn't sure why he had come here; a feeling had guided him, like so often nowadays. He had been on a hike away from Olivine to Ecruteak in order to release some of Monferno's and Dewott's excess energy when he had heard some trainers talk about this show at the pokémon center. Eusine, the water beast seeker would also be here. Having grown up in Johto with a family of trainers, Joseph naturally knew who that man was. Mostly he had heard that he didn't have his wits up there with him, but that was only his father's "educated" guess. Over the past two years, Joseph had started to learn that his father's wisdom wasn't worth as much as he had been led to believe in the past. He almost snorted at the thought.

As the kimono girls started dancing more vividly, Joseph found himself watching closer. The many colors and the motions, in conjunction with the music... they weren't just dancing, were they? They were conveying something. Something untouchable.

Now he had to shake his head to snap out of it again. He smiled to himself, hoping that the other people on the back row wouldn't see it. Eusine would come here to talk about Suicune, of course. Joseph had simply thought that he might as well take it slow for a moment and watch the show and hear the man out. The creeping feeling he had been getting from some pokémon in the wild lately... Even though he didn't completely want to admit it, his guts told him that this was the right place for him to be in at this very moment. Gut feelings and chances comprised the life he had found for himself during his travels in Sinnoh. He sometimes cursed himself in retrospect for letting go of common sense too easily.

Ah, he nearly got a headache from his own complicated thinking. He rubbed his forehead slowly. Maybe he should get out of here and bust some moves together with Monferno instead.

"Up next we have a very special performance by a trainer named Aria Bloome, who will be playing a Legendary Beast tribute song on her violin!" the people on the stage suddenly declared.

Joseph looked up again. Tribute to the legendary beasts of Johto, huh? He had always been fascinated by those beasts; especially Raikou. Even though most part of him did not believe that they were actual, living pokémon. Then again, he was heavily influenced by his father's thoughts about Eusine as a fraud. Soon he would determine for himself what to believe and what to laugh at. Instead of snorting at this thought, he merely smiled silently; he did like to laugh.

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