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    Yeah, Neil more mean than Vaughnie,
    but Neil just.....shy maybeh? I always see that handsome man is rude! >.<

    And Rod...WAAA! Kawai-desu!!!
    Sanjay much like butler and Soseki..TOTALLY GAY!!

    I think that brilliant way you pick Rod~
    You know, in this day, i really like to be boy player,
    the new boy in HM series become many gay look...

    That's why i more pick to marry girl..
    I pick..
    Felicity too hard, Iroha and Yuri looks really amazing, Tina and Michelle SOO KAWAI-DESU!!!
    This make me want have 3DS :3
    I'm going to save up my money and buy 3DS that around 2,4 million rupiah!