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    After a long day of traveling the sight of her destination was one that was met with great relief. She hadn't been expecting to travel to Ecruteak city until a few days ago when she had heard that Eusine would be stopping by there to gather support for the quest for Scuicune. She had put in quite the effort making her way over here from where she had been. It had been a hard hike, not something she was unused to, but the hyper aggressive pokemon had made it more difficult than it should've been. It had also taken her longer than she had expected. It would be worth it though, if she really got to meet Eusine and she got to share her own observations about what was happening in Johto. She wasn't sure about whether Scuicune would really play into things significantly, really they ought to be looking into the cause before they started praying to the legendary pokemon. They should take action themselves instead of pushing idle hopes that something else would solve their problems for them.

    "CAAaaast~ rmmmmm!" Sparkles, free of her pokeball happily hummed and swooped froward into the town, floating up to rooftop level to bask in the last final glows of sunset. Confused for a moment at what was happening the small zubat Zuzu attempted to flap after her for a moment, the bell around his neck jingling firecely.

    "No Zuzu," Sam said sternly, gently pulling the flapping youngster out of the air before he got out of sight. She kept him out so he got experience and strengthened his muscles by travelling, but the naive little bat still shouldn't get out of sight. "Sparkles time to get down, we'll be going inside again!" Sam called up before returning Zuzu to his pokeball. Sparkles flew down excitedly, as Sam entered the pokecenter. Healing up her team was first on her list, Eusine or no. Valentine and Dex were a little worse for wear after the long trip and she took care of her own.

    The little pit stop was fast, but as Sam hurried out of the center with Sparkles behind her she could hear the beginnings of the show within the dance hall. Sam eased in quietly, not wanting to disturb people as the lights dimmed and the show started. She had missed Eusine's opening damnit, but she expected he would make another appearance at the end of the show. Rather than sit down, Sam stood in the back of the small theater; it gave her a better view and it would only get in people's ways if she went and tried to walk around and find a seat now.

    The dancing was beautiful, Sam could appreciate it, but it was really Sparkles who was truly enjoying it. The little castform swayed back and forth in the air, mimicking the dancers as they spun and danced. Sam put her face in her hands a little bit, feeling that maybe Sparkles was being a little too free in her enjoyment and hoping she wasn't drawing too much attention: even if they were in the back.

    Sam applauded as the dance ending, feeling the solumnness in the air. She was surprised when they announced a second act, the tribute song to Suicune played by someone she had never heard of before. All Sam could think was Why didn't they play the tribute song during the dance? That seems like that would've been the smart thing to do if they really wanted to honor the legendary dog...
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