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OK guys, my first post here and I need to make it a good one.

I started Black 2, and I have picked Rosa as my protagonist. Named myself Nichole, after my real name of course.

My mother is standing outside my house in Aspertia City and gets the phone call from Professor Aurea Juniper, and mentions about a girl named Bianca who shall be giving me my Pokedex and my starter Pokemon. Mom heads inside my house and calls out to me.

I then come out of my house, searching for Bianca. I then come across my rival Hugh, and his little sister. Hugh's sister walks off and then I walk with Hugh to the lookout and see Bianca waiting for me. I then talk to Bianca, who then shows me three Poke Balls in a case she is carrying. I then take the Poke Ball on the right, containing Oshawott. I also receive my Unova Pokedex.

I took on Hugh, but sadly my Oshawott lost to his Snivy. Also caught loads of new Pokemon and I beat Cheren after using my Riolu's Force Palm. Took both of his Pokemon out in one hit, then I received my C-Gear and registered Professor Juniper, Cheren and Bianca on my Xtransceiver.

I'm now in Virbank City, so I'll give you my team right now:

Oshawott ♂ Lv16
Hasty nature
Somewhat stubborn
- Tackle
- Tail Whip
- Water Gun
- Focus Energy

Riolu ♂ Lv16
Jolly nature
Quick to flee
- Force Palm
- Quick Attack
- Endure
- Counter

Lillipup ♂ Lv13
Bashful nature
Somewhat vain
- Leer
- Tackle
- Work Up
- Bite

Sewaddle ♀ Lv14
Adamant nature
- Tackle
- String Shot
- Bug Bite

Mareep ♀ Lv13
Quiet nature
Highly curious
- Growl
- Thunder Wave
- Cotton Spore
- ThunderShock

So yeah, that's my first Travel Journal entry done! I'll be back to post the next one.
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