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    Yay, I finished Beta 1 earlier than expected! I'm just going to do some minor dirty work and it shall be released by the end of the week! Beta 1's progress goes up to the third town Silverdust Town. Beta 2 will complete the main lands of Taejo. Beta 3 will complete the whole of Taejo, including the water routes, also including its Pokemon League, ALSO including the Taejo League's post storyline that will eventually lead to the Seijo Region! The Seijo Region will also be broken up into three Betas, but information about that have not been finalized. The final Beta would thus be Beta 7 (lucky 7's haha) which would be all side quests and one-offs and whatnots, you get the point. Then the final release would be the Final Beta Testing Phase. Beta 1 is a small taste of what's to come!

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