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This sounds fun!

Username: BlueShellBeast
Game: Green
For added fun, I'll be playing the games in Japanese.

Gym Leaders

1st Gym (Brock): Bulbasaur

2nd Gym (Misty): Pidgeotto

3rd Gym (Lt. Surge): Sandslash

4th Gym (Erika): Persian

5th Gym (Koga): Dugtrio

6th Gym (Sabrina): Marowak (Getting past that rival battle was annoying...)

7th Gym (Blaine): Lapras

8th Gym (Giovanni): Kabutops

Indigo Plateau

Lorelei: Hitmonchan

Moveset Used:
Ice Punch
Thunder Punch
Fire Punch

Fight Comment:
She was overall easy to take down. Her Lapras gave me some troubles, but it only took me two tries to get her down.


Bruno: Golduck

Moveset Used:
Tail Whip

Fight Comment:
Nice, easy fight. I was able to quickly destroy everyone without any difficulty.


Agatha: Ninetales

Moveset Used:
Tail Whip
Quick Attack
Fire Blast
Confuse Ray

Fight Comment:
After jumping the gun and giving FireFox a Fire Stone before he could learn any decent moves, I decided that I'd just finish off her ghost type Pokemon with primarily tail whip, confuse ray, and a heck of a lot of Hyper Potions.


Lance: Dewgong

Moveset Used:
Aurora Beam

Fight Comment:
Once I got Gyarados down, it was an easy fight. Nothing really special about this one seeing as my ice moves took out most of Lance's dragons in one hit.


Green/Blue/*Insert Rival's Name Here*: Tauros

Moveset Used:
Ice Beam

Fight Comment:
This was a pretty easy fight. Even if I was only able to get his Rhydon down in one hit, Tauros was able to take all of the hits thrown at him with ease.

This was a fun challenge. I enjoyed battling with some Pokemon that I usually wouldn't use and planning out movesets to best take out the Pokemon that I had to go up against. Fairly grindy, but nothing that a speed button couldn't fix. Overall, I'm up for a round two...


Username: BlueShellBeast
Game: Gold


Johto Gym Leaders:

1st Gym (Falkner): Totodile

2nd Gym (Bugsy): Spearow

3rd Gym (Whitney): Golbat

4th Gym (Morty): Butterfree

5th Gym (Pryce): Flaaffy

6th Gym (Chuck): Gyarados

7th Gym (Jasmine): Growlithe

8th Gym (Clair): Ditto (15 Plus Powers/XAttacks and a Shiny Stantler later...)

Indigo Plateau:

Will: * Stantler

Koga: Donphan

Bruno: Scyther

Karen: Mantine

Lance: Piloswine

...Those last three guys were kinda painful. Ah well, made it through eventually...

Kanto Gym Leaders:

9th Gym Leader (Erika): Nidorino

10th Gym Leader (Lt. Surge): Kadabra

11th Gym Leader (Sabrina): Kangaskhan

12th Gym (Janine): Haunter

13th Gym (Misty): Electabuzz

14th Gym (Brock): Weepinbell

15th Gym (Blaine): Nidorina

16th Gym (Green): Dragonite


Pokemon Used: Miltank

Moves Used:
Milk Drink
Defense Curl
Body Slam

Fight Comments:
Rollout rock (pun intended). Once I got myself set up with XAttacks, I was able to take everyone out easily.

Out of all of the Pokemon I used this round, I have to say that using ditto was the hardest. Its stats and lack of PP made it tough due to the fact that some Rockets love to carry around self-destructing Koffings...


Username: BlueShellBeast
Game: Ruby

Gym Leaders (Currently 2/8):

1st Gym (Roxanne): Torchic

2nd Gym (Brawly): Shroomish

Pokemon Planned for the 3rd Gym: Aron

Edit: I'll be pulling out of this challenge on Ruby. I've hit a brick due to the Rival battle, and I don't feel like grinding that much.
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