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Originally Posted by Esoj View Post
Talking about the grass type's moves coverage, I suffered from the same ill, Serperior and its lack of different coverages. Although they can learn different and now-attractive moves via tutor, I was wondering, why none of my favorite TMs suit it to complete the moveset? I was expecting something like Stone Edge, and agreeing with Cid, Earthquake.
Stone Edge just seems strange for a snake to use honestly. I'm not sure how it'd manage that lol.

Originally Posted by Pinkie-Dawn View Post
I believe the reason why is because it's suppose to be a throwback to the original R/B/Y games where all the starters, except for the Fire starter, lack the move Earthquake (B/W was suppose to be a reboot after all). As for the statement about previous gen pure Grass types given coverage, they mean nothing if they do not have Rock Slide, Nature Power, Natural Gift, Weather Ball, Ancientpower, Focus Blast, or Earth Power to coverage almost all of their weaknesses, which is a necessity to make a good Pokemon.
Not really as long as they have coverage moves in general then they're good. Such as Terrakion doesn't have anything to counter/check ground moves but instead uses all out power!

Originally Posted by Cid View Post
Earthquake for all three final evos of starters was all I wanted to be honest. :( They were the exception among all final evos of each gen's starters. Seriously I don't know how they missed that, unless it was intentional which sounds really odd. :\

I can't really recall any more notable moves that they should have made some 'mons learn in BW but yeah, I'm really frustrated at the starters (actually at GF) for the reason stated above. Plus pure Grass-types deserve more coverage moves like Sydian said! For Lilligant and Serperior especially. They gave coverage to previous gens' pure Grass-types, why not now?
Wait wat, Emboar doesn't have EQ?? I could've sworn it did...

Nevertheless not sure how a snake or an otter could really shake the ground lol.

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