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    Hi, a few things I would like to see

    No more HMs, they are the most unfun element in the game, they don't let you have on yout pokemon the attacks you want, and make you waste a slot on an hm slave.

    A different story, that still makes sense and doesnt contradict the previous games.

    For example, a plot in which a gym position has become vacant because its leader has been promoted to the elite 4, you begin the game as an already important trainer, and you have to compete with the other 2 trainers for that position of gym leader.

    I think it would be cool if the 3 starter pokemon were gimmicky, for example, to give you and your rivals no particular advantage, the 3 starter pokemon would have no weaknesses.
    One dark-ghost like sableye, another a levitating electric pokemon like elektross, and a normal pokemon with an ability that makes it receive neutral damage from fighting attacks.