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    Hi I'm new here :D right now I'm replaying pokemon pearl and I just beat the elite four and need some opinions

    My pokemon:

    Empoleon lvl 53. Ability: torrent. Quirky nature Attacks: Surf. Grass knot. Ice beam. Drill peck.

    Luxray. Lvl 54. Ability: rivalry. Docile nature attacks: thunder fang. Spark. Thunder. Flash.

    Lucario lvl 46. Abilty: inner focus. mild nature. attacks: Force palm. Aura sphere. Drain punch. Close combat

    Kadabra lvl 45. Quiet nature. Ability: synchronize. Attacks. Recover. Futrue sight. Psychic. Psybean.

    Gabite. Lvl 38. Hasty nature. Ability: sand vail. Attacks: dragon claw. Dragon pulse. Earthquake.

    And I'm planning on getting a houndoom