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Originally Posted by InkFrog View Post
Honestly? This is coming mostly from my nuzlocke runs, but Juan in emerald has always seemed hard to me, as well as Wallace as the champion. Those damn bulky waters and goddamn kingdra is IMPOSSIBLE to get down quickly... or at least, it was for me all three times I've done an emerald run.
Well, the thread is entitled, "What is the hardest GYM ever?"
Sooo, shouldn't it be a over-all rating for the puzzle, trainers and the leader?
Oh, and sorry for having kinda mean tone.. I don't mean it, promise. :D

Sooo, for me, I think the hardest gym would be.. Hmm.. I dunno, HAHA. I think Mossdeep City Gym? Or, Snowpoint. (Those ice types can sweep your whole team without a fire type, yes, a fire type only, Candice's Frosslass can KO those fighting Poke's.)

But, I haven't tried playing Gen V games yet.. My DS got broken before I had to try. AAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHH!! Whyyyyy!?
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