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Originally Posted by Jambo51 View Post
Firstly, the fang moves don't have 100% chance to burn/freeze/paralyze, they have the same chance as the flinch.

Secondly, to make an effect have 100% chance of hitting the target, you need to change the 0x15 that's tagged onto the end of the effect to a 0x16 instead.

This makes it ignore the chance, and give the status, as long as the status can be given.

Hope this helps!
It's been awhile since I made that so I don't even remember what I did. However I know that I was trying to make the effects 100% because I thought I could change that chance with PGE. Don't ask me why lol.

What was hard was I didn't know the hex value for flinch to be 10 nor did I know the paralysis or freeze value for 10%
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