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    Yes I am now the official co-owner, since I'm always active I can help to manage this place.

    Well, it's been around a week and I already talked to Checkers about this sooo... NEW TOPIC!!!
    The New Topic is: What is it about Hoenn Pokemon that you think makes them unique?
    Also, everybody please, the contest is over but I'm the only entry sooo... please enter, the contest will be extended to Jan 15th to give you time to make your picture. Sooo... I'm considering contacting any members to see if they're still active, it might be because the topic hasn't changed in while :P Anyways, I know some people seem to want starters other than Mudkip, Torchic and Treecko but I'm guessing that by Mono starter 1000 pts, she means you get a starter other than the 3, so just post Post POST! I'm not all that sure how we gain points, actually I'll talk to Checkers about it, I'm thinking that replying to the topic should give 100 (we should fix the points system) and for participation in events, maybe 200? And more if you place (1st, 2nd, 3rd) so maybe make this more fun. Anyways, to answer the question. I believe that it's that their style is so different since GF was first making these new images after the 8 bit generation (I, II) also how they had new ideas for them like Chimecho being unique, I feel it got a little more EXTRA EVOLUTIONS! in Gen IV (Sinnoh, not Johto) and in Gen V, it was more bland though also more unique like 50/50. Gen III seems to have had a different story, therefore different sprites. Anyways, I want to ask you a question fellow members (if you've read up to here) what do you want to see in the club, any changes, add-ons, etc? This is a list of what I want to see, though am not expecting.

    Points System Fixed
    Each Post, 100; Events 200; Place 1st 500, 2nd 400, 3rd 300; etc.

    Points Prizes
    Maybe accumulate rather than checkpoint (accumulate: pile up like money, checkpoint: you hit it and it's yours!)
    It'll make it so people want to post more rather than when they finally hit ___ and are done.

    Topic Delay
    How often we change topic, I'm thinking half a week for a short topic, maybe a week+ for a heated debate.

    These are just a few but I do want to liven up the club, so under my watch you will not be bored! I will try to keep things active here. I feel like having a Random Point Throwout (RPT) where on New Years, everyone gets 200 free points which should get people to want to get more and post. So as an ending note, please post, please join the contest, tell us what you want to see, and more. Thank you all, goodbye!

    PikakittenX, The Hoenn Region Pokemon Fan Club's Co-Owner!

    Any questions, contact me (VM, preferably unless personal) or Checkers.
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