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    Originally Posted by Seraphimon-sama View Post
    Apologies, but the problem is still occurring.

    So uh
    I just confirmed that the patch works
    But something weird is going on here- and it's why I've had to fix it five different times. It keeps reverting the change, like even if I fix it, save, close the editor, and reopen it, it'll revert to the broken state.
    So ....???????????
    I'll see if I can do anything about this and get back to you, because this is silly and ridiculous.

    Sorry for the double post, but I want to make sure this fix is seen. Rather than changing the teleport, I changed the map it takes you to, so even if it wants to revert, it should be fine. Give this a try;same as before just copy/paste/overwrite the file into the Data folder.
    Lemme know how that works
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