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    You certainly have great potential as a mapper.
    You have done great in making the map seem more interesting than it actually is, since it is so big and empty, yet it doesn't feel as empty as it is, and you use your mountain tiles good.

    The problem you have is that you haven't really made the map with the player in mind.
    With a map this huge, you need to have a very clear route for the player to follow through the map. Right now, you have 7-8 different ways of reaching the end destination, with lots of backs and forths, and confusing placements of, to the player, confusing paths.

    My tip to you would be; Make the map 75% less long, and 50 % less wide.
    Lower the amount of empty 10x10 spaces in the map. (These aren't useful for anything. Trainers will be hard to place so they can spot the trainer, and long travels aren't fun for the player.)
    Next; Make less different paths to the destination.
    Stick to 1 or maybe 2. Possibly a 3rd if it is a ledge jump, to quickly backtrack. But simply: Don't make it possible to get lost, unless that is the idea.
    Lastly, try not to make dead ends like you have at the furthmost right on the map.
    Forcing the player to go through 15-20 tall grass tiles only to come to a dead end, can really make you hate a game.

    Originality: 7/10
    Use of tiles: 7/10
    Aesthetics: 8/10
    Mapping with the player in mind: 5/10
    Usement of space: 4/10
    Total: 31/50

    You have a lot of potential, but you need to make the map easier for the player to understand, and utilize the space in the map more, not make big emtpy areas.

    I hope to see more of you! :D