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Originally Posted by KingCarini View Post

My Map:

Map Name: doesn't have one, based off Petalburg City
Map Game: Fire Red
Comments: This is my first map so I was a little hesistant to change too much. The open area in the tree line along the bottom of the map contains an item.
Rate: 1/10
Reason: Unless you were trying to go for the nintendo style mapping, i don't really like the looks of it. Well it depends on everyone opinion and for me i would like to see something different so i gave you a 1 for at least trying to map and for your first map. The map is simply empty. yeah just my opinion. Try to do better..

My Map:
Map name: Route 1
Hack of : Fire Red
Credits: To the tile artist and anyone needed credits to..
Note: This is from my old hack. So ignore the empty spaces since i mapped this for the hack purpose so i left those blank since the player wont see it.