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Hey everyone!
I've been a long-time lover of Pokémon, but this is my first time getting serious about competitive battling, and I'd like some advice on how best to EV train my new team.

Here's the team as it stands. I've bred them all so they're at level 1, but I'll denote them as their final evolutions:

Nature - jolly
Ability - intimidate

Nature - Modest
Ability - Sniper

Nature - Careful
Ability - Intimidate

Nature - Adamant
Ability - Sand stream

Nature - Adamant
Ability - Inner Focus

Nature - Modest
Ability - Sturdy/Magnet pull

I'm pretty new to the whole competitive terminology thing, so if you guys could give me some suggestions as to what role each of these should play in my team, that'd be great. I think Kingdra should be a DD'er, but that's about all. Which one should be my wall? And which for a sweeper? Stuff like that would be great.
Then if you can give me some ideas as to where I should place my EV points for each of them, I'd be very grateful. I was planning on spreading them pretty evenly for each of them, buffing up defences if weak and then focussing on attack for something like Tyranitar... Dunno.

Thanks for your time and help guys!

Morph x