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I've only been collecting for under 2 years.
My camera hates me, but I'll list what I have:

-First three (I think) Pokemon movies
-Some movie which the name I forget (based around Giratina and Shaymin)
-Pokedex book (HG/SS)
-Pokemon poster (#1-150 because they left out Mew)
-Let's Find Pokemon book
-Pokemon puzzle book

The following plushes:
Pikachu (2; one is missing and the other is bootleg)
Manaphy (might be Phione; can't remember)
Duskull (favorite of my collection)

Following figurines:
Snivy (2)
Many more but I can't remember them

-Knit Pikachu hat
-Pikachu shirt
-Several hundred TCG cards (including two copies of Deoxys and Rayquaza legend)
-Squirtle candy dispenser (with Pokeball candies)
-Mew candy dispenser (with Pokeball candies)
-The package my first TCG cards came in (it's tacked up on my wall)
-Copy of Diamond version
-Copy of White version
-Copy of Heartgold version
-Copy of Soulsilver version

I have all of my Pokemon stuff together in my room, so maybe later I'll get a picture up. T:
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