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    The last time I posted it was just after the first gym. I kinda took over 2-3 months to get where I am now, mostly because I had school and stuff.

    Well! I just finished the mountain. Janus Berg in german, but in english its whatever it is, its Heatran's cave. I cleared the cave with Belle, just after I flew to that other city. The bird gym was easy enough, mostly because of my Electivire.
    Currently, I have:

    Braviary (Aviator)
    Carracosta (Tirtouga [wanted a shiny so traded])
    Deino (Triplex)

    I've realized all of the trainers here manage to destroy half of my team before I beat them... and so I wanted to train and there comes my rival! BEFORE I HEAL! Blagh, I beat him with my OP pokes that I don't need to train... oh well. Gonna go north soon, if I don't need to go south that is.