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    Chapter 2.5
    The Fight Before Christmas

    Reyes and Dominic were perched in a building watching over Veilstone City. From their point they peered into the windows of the houses, watching small children set up their Christmas trees and milk and cookies. Reyes propped his elbow up on his knee and rested his head on it, nodding off. Dominic tilted his head back, staring at the moon.

    "Y'know, when I was a Zorua, I'd always wonder about Santa," he said thoughtfully. "Like, what is he, Pokemon or human?"

    "Hopefully not a weird combination," Reyes muttered. Dominic mumbled in assent and watched the lights in the houses slowly go out. It was as if a wave of darkness was spreading across the city. Then, just as the last light went out, the moon started shining brighter. Dominic had to look away a moment and when he turned back, he saw Cresselia floating down towards a house. A lone Pichu was strolling on the streets holding a pile of presents; however, upon witnessing Cresselia, it jumped in the air and changed into Mew with a burst of light. Dominic's eyes widened and he rubbed his eyes.

    "Reyes, Reyes, wake up! Mew and Cresselia are delivering presents!" he said in a stressed whisper, pushing on his friend. Reyes grunted but didn't open his eyes. Dominic groaned in frustration and moved further into the darkness as the two legendaries began delivering presents, Mew disappearing and reappearing each time with a big stack of wrapped gifts ("Where did she get them from?" Dominic wondered) and slipping easily through a house window. Cresselia, presumably, was there to put anyone that was awake to sleep. Dominic struggled to keep absolutely quiet as he watched the Pokemon deliver gifts all throughout Veilstone.

    It was half past one in the morning that a dark cloud came over the moon. Dominic didn't think anything of it, however, Cresselia looked alarmed. She paused over a chimney as Mew popped out munching on a pile of oatmeal cookies. She followed Cresselia's gaze and watched as a pitch black entity popped out of the cloud. Suddenly, Reyes looked very pained. Dominic bit his lip as the creature came closer and he finally recognized it.

    "Sceptile," Reyes muttered, squeezing his eyes and grinding his teeth. Dominic stared at Darkrai; he had the painful feeling the Nightmare Pokemon knew he was watching. It would be so easy for it to use Hypnosis and knock him out, sending him into the everlasting spiral of nightmares he brought on. He suddenly could hear a series of strangled cries coming from the houses; obviously, Darkrai wasn't just affecting the two of them.

    "Cresselia, Cresselia..." Cresselia said, glaring at him. It seemed the legendaries either spoke a totally different language or just plain said their name over and over annoyingly. Even so, she seemed pretty pissed off at him. Darkrai's eyes shifted to a pile of presents on the floor. It took them all out with a Shadow Ball. In less than ten seconds this escalated to a full-on fight between the two of them. Reyes shifted between peaceful sleep and dreadful nightmares. Dominic just gawked at the both of them.

    Then the moon turned into a drawing.

    Something like that, actually. The moon transformed into pixels. Dominic stared in disbelief, thinking his eyes were fooling around now. Then he realized it wasn't the moon, just the thing over it. Something like a pixelly, backwards L appeared over the moon making a series of screeching noises like a broken fax machine. Then it made a barrier of sorts, turning everything grayscale. Dominic tried to yell out but his voice failed him, and he saw Reyes' vibrant green turn to dull grey and white.

    "Oh wait, the Pokemon's Missingno! PokeDex entry 000! It appears and disappears at will wherever, changing reality and fiction for pleasure!" Dominic exclaimed at the new fiend who had manifested. Then he gawked at the syntax he was using - poem style. It wasn't at all amusing.

    Reyes however continued to sleep in his strange fashion; both snoring calmly and shaking with a passion.

    Dominic got annoyed with Cresselia and Darkrai's fight, as it had ruined his entire Christmas night. The Dream Pokemon and Nightmare Pokemon endangering the patrons' sleep. And obliterating the presents? It was probably Dominic's worst week.

    He leapt down dramatically from the building's window; however, it wasn't very dramatic to land in a trash can row. He shook rotten bananas and dirt from his fur, "Achoo!" he sneezed, attracting the attention of Cresselia, Darkrai and Mew.

    "Hey, both of you!" he jabbed his finger in their direction and demanded, "C'mon, this fight is leaving kids empty-handed! Quarelling like this is keeping people from their gifts!" Mew then erupted in a series of giggling fits.

    Dominic turned redder than his fur, running his claws through it, uneasy. The smell of garbage was making him queasy. Darkrai turned towards Dominic, ready to put him to sleep, then Cresselia struck him with Giga Impact, making an apologetic noise like a peep.

    Mew raced towards the both of them, her plan very asinine. She shifted faster than Dominic could track into an Arcanine. She sunk her fangs in its arm and discharged Thunder; it only took her minutes to realize her blunder.

    With Mew biting its arm with lightning Darkrai was thoroughly annoyed. With a cry of "Rai!" it enveloped Mew in Dark Void. Mew reverted back to her legendary form and crashed to the street, her expression quite forlorn.

    Cresselia moved to tend to her as Darkrai set on its own. It used the shadows to destroy presents in each and every home. Dominic had to help; at least that was something he could know. But first of all he had to take out Missingno.

    He waved his hands to get Cresselia's attention. "Hey," he said, "its some divine intervention! That glitchy mess up there is twisting up my speech!"

    "I apologize dearly, but that Pokemon is out of my reach." Dominic didn't know which was more shocking; a Pokemon out of a legendary's reach or her just plain talking. He then gestured wildly at the rampaging Darkrai.

    "Then what about this guy - aye!" Dominic jumped, barely missing the Hypnosis from it. Then he noticed it was holding the arm Mew bit. He suddenly had an idea - with a little provoketion [I'm aware this is not a word, but poems sometimes use nonsensical words in them]... He charged up a Shadow Ball to set this plan in motion.

    He fired it at Darkrai and it promptly exploded. Then, just as quickly, Darkrai eroded. Dominic looked around frantically, searching for the Pokemon. However, it seemed it was gone.

    It was nothing short of a miracle he dodged Focus Blast because surely if he was hit he wouldn't have last. Meeting Darkrai's eyes a silent note passed between the two as it was now Dark VS Dark and the winner... Anyone could guess, even you.

    Suddenly Dominic was no longer in view. Darkrai looked up and saw him in the air in front of the moon. Dominic taunted him, "Loser, dickhead!" he was told. Just as quickly Veilstone was enveloped with sheer cold.

    A Blizzard appeared out of thin air racing towards Dominic, Mew making note of the allusion [sheer cold, as it was a reference to the move Sheer Cold]. Then, just as it was about to hit, this Dominic was revealed to be an illusion. Passing through the fake the ice continued to go until it eventually collided with the glitch Pokemon Missingno.

    Just as quick as it has hit Missingno exploded in a shower of pixels. The greyscale vanished and everything was fixed. Dominic breathed a sigh of relief, "Thank Arceus I don't have to talk like some crappy limerick anymore!" Then he realized Cresselia and Darkrai had begun fighting again. Frustrated, pissed to no ends and just wanting to go to sleep he climbed to the top of a house and shouted, "Both of you, stop already! Christmas is supposed to be a time for love and peace, not fighting and destruction!"

    Darkrai, in the middle of concocting Shadow Ball, paused to listen. "We should all be gathered around the Christmas tree singing about Rudolph the Red-Nosed Stantler and having fun!" Dominic waved his hands. "Is that too hard to manage or something?"

    Cresselia sighed and floated down to the ground. "What's the problem with you anyway?" Dominic asked Darkrai. The Shadow Ball disappeared.

    "Never get presents," it said gruffly. Dominic face-palmed.

    "...I have absolutely no response to that," he said in monotone. He pulled a wrapped present from his fur and held it out. "I was gonna give it to Reyes If it saves everyone else," he added quietly. Darkrai took it with no change in expression and sunk into the ground, disappearing.

    Mew practically flew into Dominic's face, chattering "Mew mew!" excitedly over and over. She flitted around in the air as hyper as a Combee, disappearing and reappearing constantly, sometimes with presents in her hands and sometimes empty-handed. Dominic felt a presence behind him and Mew spoke to someone over his shoulder. He could hear Cresselia reply and he suddenly felt very sleepy. He tried to stay awake but it was like someone was pulling him under, and then the reality he was seeing was hard to distinguish from a dream, and he was suddenly chasing Rattata back home in Nacrene City...

    "Hey, Dominic, wake up." Dominic groaned and rubbed his eyes, sitting up. Him and Reyes were sitting on the PokeCenter. "So this is where you were all night," Reyes said. Dominic blinked heavily against the sunlight, his ears twitching incessantly. Excited cries from children filled his ears. "Merry Christmas."

    "Yeah, Merry Christmas." It took a few seconds for Dominic to remember all the transpired events. He lurched to his feet, talking so fast Reyes could hardly understand him. "Oh, Reyes, last night was so cool! I was about to go to sleep and I saw the moon shine and Cresselia came out then Mew appeared and they started handing out presents to everyone then suddenly Darkrai came out all 'Boo I'm scary I'm all mad like this' and it started blowing up presents and Cresselia and it started fighting then this computer glitch thing came out of nowhere and made everything like an old Christmas special and everything rhymed oh crap..."

    By the time he had finished Reyes' ears were sore. "Dominic, your dreams are crazier than mines."

    Remembering Reyes' consecutive nightmares and daydreams he asked, "What did you dream about anyway?"

    "The good part was when I was back in Petalburg Woods," he said, then half-smiled. "The bad part was when I was back here with you."

    "Hey!" Dominic said angrily, swiping his claws. Reyes dodged them and laughed, jumping to street level and taking off. Dominic chased after him, half annoyed, half glad to be with his best friend on Christmas.
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