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    Originally Posted by Shinypoliwrath View Post
    Hey there.
    Since I've decided to switch my hack from a rom to RMXP, I've been in need of tilesets; some can be found on this site easily, but there are some that you can't find.
    So I took the liberty of mapping out some tilesets for the insides of the gyms from HGSS (Sabrina's excluded).

    (Not the best map, I know. But there's proof they work)

    Here's a download link if you'd like them

    Please Give credit if used.
    (Images are from stills on , credit to the site,
    and obviously; credit to Nintendo for making the sprites).

    I don't know if you're aware, but mega upload is dead. If you send them to me, I can post on media fire for you.


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