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Originally Posted by Rayquaza. View Post
Both assuming and claiming ownership of tiles isn't right because as Theik pointed out; they're from Nintendo and belong to Nintendo. May I just point out that you can't really rip tilesets from NDS games with much ease because Nintendo stopped using tilesets after Pokémon Emerald was released and started using textures instead, as of D/P/Pt and henceforth.
Custom tilesets have no relation whatsoever to Nintendo, and the artist who made them has every right to use them how they want, and claim ownership however they want. And that's what Carmaniac was talking a bout, custom tilesets. Not all of the are ripped. Ripped Tilesets are using graphics created by Nintendo, therefore, whether the ripper edits the tiles or not, the graphics do belong to Nintendo; however, entirely new graphics, no matter what their intended purpose is, are not copyrighted or property of Nintendo in any way, only the property of the creator.

Copyright does not extend beyond the original creations of the developers, so ownership by Nintendo does not happen until either copyrighted Pokemon designs are used, graphics assets from their games are taken directly, or the name Pokémon is used.