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    Originally Posted by Khawill View Post
    I'm not sure about where the discussion lies here though this is certainly not game changing at all. As a matter of fact I never thought that this was an issue before, with a few exceptions; people who get life sentence usually deserve it (Especially murderers, 35 years is nothing for taking a human life, life sentence is the only justified punishment). Though that is not exactly my argument.

    This seems like a small conflict resolution rather than a huge win, considering the issues of today are not related to this at all. Also while we are mentioning the bill of rights/constitution and such, I really think it should be noted that the documents are very old, and people think differently than today. Not only this but America is too busy putting their faces in them to see that today's problems are not all in those documents.
    Point of the act is if the government thinks you could be doing something in the name of Terrorism they can detain you without a jury.

    Example if you bought a sandwich at a grocery store if the government thinks that sandwich could be connected to terrorism they can detain you the sandwich and the shop that made the sandwich permanently without any due process. This thing shouldve been challenged but repealing is good too.
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