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    Amy's Neighborhood Ruins


    Held Item(s):

    Chapter One:
    Neighborhood Ruins

    Part Nine

    Blaine flinched as Lucy had immediately pinned him against the wall, spouting threats and rule left and right. She then turned to Amy, implying that the small girl would determine his fate. There was a moment of shock, immense pressure in a tough decision. The young girl's eyes symbolically contrasted one another. In the red Weavile eye, an unimaginable rage dwelled, visible to those who can read expressions. In the blue Human eye, however, mercy and confusion shone.

    Before Amy could even speak, a voice rang out from the other room. "Dad, we got some food... Dad? Where are you?"

    "In here, boys!" the two flame-wielders entered the room, and Blaine immediately tossed the vial to Cinder. "Boys, it appears our guests are out to kill us. You know the plan."

    The boys began using the vial of serum to tip their claws and teeth, causing them to glow purple as well. "Now, boys, it's time to take out the trash."

    Cinder chuckled, as he and his brother stepped aside from the door. "This is no fun. How about a thirty second headstart? One... Two... Three..."

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