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I can see that we're going to be plastered with gun discussions for a good while now. It's no bad thing at all - people've some interesting things to say and all that but Livewire and I feel that there are starting to be a few too many individual threads for gun-related discussions now. So what's happening is this; they're going to be merged into this thread and, rather than making new threads for gun-related things, you post them in here. Feel free to do so even if it's not following the current topic of conversation, just like you would if you were making a new thread. If you feel the discussion you want to start would be best in an individual thread for whatever reason, send a PM to Livewire or myself and we'll see if we can work something out. As usual, PM us with questions and whatnot.


Also - original Connecticut shooting thread here.

[original post by AdrianD for a thread entitled "Gun Laws"]

Peoples thoughts on it

This will seem to be the hot topic going forward. People always say "we need stricter laws" Fact is Criminals dont listen to the law hence the term 'criminals'. All these people want to do is either make it impossible for law abiding citizens to own a gun or two repel the second amendment all together, which people will still own them.

I do agree with not owning assault riffles and high capacity magazines (dont understand that term for it but ok) because people dont need them.

Fun little fact: if people actually read the second amendment tho you have the right to bare arms if you are forming a militia. So technically individuals can not own guns.

california dreamin'.
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