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    Originally Posted by p.claydon View Post
    i love pokemon and final fantasy (pokémon with materia would be scary but kool at the same time )

    will this follow the same rules as the pokémon games though (evo types, trade, 4 move max etc)
    Yes it will have all the usual features. I set it up in a way that you can comment out or delete features you don't want.
    • Types are set up as states for easier management.
    • Move limit can be changed to any number greater an 0 and can be different for you and enemies.
    • I can't guarantee game to game trade, but I can assure you that in-game trades will be present.(Don't worry I have plans to make alternatives for trade evolution via item like done in Essentials).
    • Most data for species is done by the class notebox making changing the data as simple as a class change and refreshing the actor

    P.S. Pokémon with Materia would be cool. Actually there is a script for Materia for Ace. The only issue with the idea is that your Pokémon would have to be holding an item to use Materia. Although you could just change the equips slots in script.

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