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    Let me say that Metapod (and the other hackers who collaborated with him) has realized my dream with this wonderful hack that is accurately inspired to the anime!

    I've checked out this thread since the day of my birthday for the new beta but above all for the CHARIZARD CHILLS episode in order to obtain charizard obey to me, in this way the main focus of the game should be this xD

    However I've noticed also that is possible in some ways make pikachu follows you, It's just about modify Ash's overword by drawing pika on his shoulder and also you have to put a "changing sprite code" in the dialogue with Delia Ketchum outside the Lab when she says "remember to change your underwear every day" (or something like that) i think also that is impossible to make Misty and Brock follow you, because it would be very uncomfortable (specially in the cave as Victory Road)
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