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    So I decided to do some research into making templates for pokemon walkthroughs and I discovered that it is a less of a hassle if you have the program Sony Vegas and I am currently trying to find a trial version if it even exists.
    If I do find a free version of Sony Vegas then my videos will turn out like "PurpleRodri" on youtubes videos.
    With the top ds screen on the left hand side and the bottom ds screen on the right hand side. Also i will have a template around the whole of the video itself. The template will include my party and my badges.

    If I am unsuccessful with finding a free version of Sony Vegas then i will have to settle with my bought version of Camtasia 8. If this is the case then i will not be able to shoe both the top and bottom screens but just the top screen with a template around it.

    My only worries at the moment are what theme i should have on my template and if i should narrate the walkthroughs. I don't mind narrating my walkthroughs but I am not too sure of my confidence to presenting my voice to the whole world. I know that after i start it will become easier and will also help me with this in my real life. But yeah im not too sure!

    So any help guys?
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