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I'm surprised when anybody posts in anyone's gallery. Why is it so dead out here? I think the reason is there's a silent majority of people who see them, but don't have anything to add. I'd be one of them, except I feel it can be discouraging if artists feel as if no one cares, so I try to speak up.

I like the idea behind the comic too, I got a laugh out of setting bombs under the christmas tree. Sounds like a tinfoil hat sort of theory.

Your expressions are clear, and that's a good start. When you're doing comics, two things you'll want to get good at is staging and posing. I'm still kinda blah when it comes to staging, myself (I focus on characters so much sometimes that I just get lazy with the BG), but I try to keep it in mind.

Anyhow, just something to consider depending on where you wanna take it. I know you said these are unserious and just for fun, but sometimes the curiousity of seeing how far you can take your capabilities is its own kind of fun, just stay true to your style. That's why I bring it up.

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