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    Originally Posted by snivy7 View Post
    Skillset: scripting, spriting
    Applying as: Scripter
    Experience: Been scripting over a year
    Proof: On my computer that broke making more for you to see
    Timezone: Gmt (California,USA)
    Contact Info (Preferably Skype or PM): Pm
    Alright, guys, WE HAVE A SCRIPTER!
    I'm figuring out the details with him at the moment, but for now we can begin making the game!

    Aryan, you'll probably have something to do soon.
    It'll be a FireRed / LeafGreen hack, so 16 x 16 sprites on the tiles, KirakonGxi
    Machaku, see two lines above
    BassBlood, don't know if we can implement music and sounds just yet
    SuperSnivy, we'll begin with the story and dialogue immediately, so send a PM my way!

    I'll be posting later with a sketch of the Ventus Region :D

    Anyone have an idea for a name for the hack, cause Pokémon Shine is a bit uncanny :/
    Also, merry christmas :3


    EDIT: Here it is - the Ventus Region!


    Blue means it's a town, Red means it's a larger city. Yellow means special area. Green and Blue are Routes.


    * = not sure about the chosen name

    1: Twigwood Town - The starter town with the professors lab
    2: Unnamed - Little town with a pokémon school
    3: Cliffall City - City with the first gym (Rock type) and a fossil museum. There's also a little cave located here.
    4: Springwood City* - City with the second gym (Bug type) and a casino.
    5: Unnamed - Small town at the foot of a mountain. It has a shrine to a legendary pokémon said to come from the top of the mountain.
    6: Unnamed - Harbor city without much special in it.
    7: Unnamed - Capital of the Ventus Region. It has the third Gym (Ground Type)
    8: Unnamed - Small town at the foot of a volcano. It has the fourth gym (Fire type)
    9: Unnamed - Mining city and home of the fifth gym (Steel Type)
    10: A half-abandoned, spooky town containing the sixth gym (Ghost Type)
    11: A snowy town up north and home to the seventh gym (Ice type)
    12: An island city with the eighth and last gym (Dragon type)

    Special areas:
    1: Greenflash Forest* - A forest (duuh)
    2: Unnamed - A large cavesystem inside a mountain
    3: Mt. Ruby* - Volcano
    4: Unnamed - A shrine to dead people and pokémon
    5: Mt. Legend* - The greatest mountain in the region, said to hold a legendary pokémon.

    The Orange one is the Elite Four