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End of Day 2

Pokémon Trainer Koto

Chizuru (F) Lvl 42 - Docile

Saito (M) Lvl 40 - Jolly

Sano (/) Lvl 36 - Brave
@Metal Coat
Least Favourite
  • Trained Saito to lvl 21
  • Challenged Brawly and got the Badge
  • Got to Slateport, defeated Team Aqua in the Museum
  • Grinded both to over lvl 30
  • Challenged Wattson and got the Badge
  • Went East to Verdanturf
  • Went back to Mauvile and headed North
  • Defeated Team Magma at Mt. Chimney
  • Challenged Flannery and got the badge
  • Went back to Petalburg
  • Challenged Norman and got the Badge (He was easy... for once. o_o)
  • Headed to Mauvile, got the key from Wattson
  • Caught Sano at Lvl 24
  • Trained from Slateport to Petalburg
  • Finished New Mauvile (The whole reason I don't like the Magnemite and Voltorb family)

My question about Kecleon as non-stab pokémon still stands. ovo

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