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    Originally Posted by Ninja Caterpie View Post
    I would think trade, but that goes against GF always attempting to make new evolutions use new methods that aren't possible in older gens.
    despite two the evolutions being introduced in Gen 4, Swinub could learn Ancient Power as an Egg Move since Gen 2, and Lickitung learned Rollout when it was a TM in Gen 2. The latter was the only one changed in Gen 3, but other than that both learned the attack that they evolve by in Gen 4.

    Even if they added an evolution with an older item, older Pokemon can't evolve with them outside of the new Generation. It doesn't make sense, but then again, like I just said, two Pokemon could learn attacks they needed to have to evolve in Generation 2 and they couldn't evolve then, why did they magically learn to evolve 2 generations later?

    Evolving by Level won't conflict with Espeon/Umbreon either as they are both time and happiness based evolutions. All you have to do is keep Eevee in the center until it reaches x level to evolve. With all the new ways to increase and decrease happiness it isn't that hard.
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