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Originally Posted by dbp
I'm surprised when anybody posts in anyone's gallery. Why is it so dead out here? I think the reason is there's a silent majority of people who see them, but don't have anything to add. I'd be one of them, except I feel it can be discouraging if artists feel as if no one cares, so I try to speak up.
This. Pretty much what I feel too. At least you posted, though! The next sentence is really reassuring. <3;

Originally Posted by ⊗Slenderman⊗
I also have noticed how dead it is around here, though I usually am around the Off-Topic area (I mostly come here to check my thread).
That's a little selfish of you, ain't it? ;A; You want this section to be more active and expect to receive more feedback but you mostly come here to check on your own thread. Why not post in threads of other artist like you? I'm sure they'll be glad to hear what you have to say pertaining to their works! Short comments are fine too! Just say you like/dislike their works and elaborate a bit as to why you do so - if you and other artists do that I'm sure you'll see it being a lot more active than it is now. :3


As for your work, I really like the dialogues. The art could be a little more detailed but I think that ain't what you're going for. Cat's expressions are pretty nice too. But I think you messed up a bit on her mouth in the third pic. It just looks a little weird there. :p All in all, some really funny and cute work here. Would love to see more of it! :]
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