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Originally Posted by karatekid552 View Post
Intro Music (I believe that is what you mean by battle theme) can be changed right in Advance Trainer. Just search for their names and change their theme number to whatever a regular trainer has. If I remember correctly, the Intro Music option is directly next to the sprite, or at least in that general area.
I think the question wasn't how to change the intro music (which is quite clear) but how to change the music that plays during the battle :] This question was asked rather often but never actually answered :o And actually this is my question too and i searched the entire thread for an answer :< It was said once (about 100 pages before) that it is possible to change the music that is linked to a certain trainer class e.g. that the gym leader (battle) theme is played when you challenge a trainer of the class boss but i didn't find an answer to this :(

So here's my question: How can i change the music playing against a special class of trainers.

@FireFox: In the script helping thread and here:
sfc [dot] pokefans [dot] net / lesson [dot] php?id=13&lang=en (damn spam-filter i'm too new to post URLs or hyperlinks :< )
you can find a tutorial how to change the music that plays for a single battle :) As I'm planning to have a different battle music playing against the opposing team this would be too much :< but for your needs it seems to be enough :) Hope it helped :)