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Bugfix patch!

In response to continued death glitch bugs, I played through this entirely once more, allowing myself to die on as many maps as possible, and the only place I had any issues at all was death to Argo the Vulpix (which has now been fixed). Dying in a Mini-Dungeon spawned me back in a mini-dungeon, dying in Pikpik Grove took me back to the entrance of Pikpik Grove, and so on. Death due to poisoning in unusual areas such as on the World Map or after an important flag is set but before moving to a different map that would reset the spawn point (such as in the Freya example above) could admittedly lead to issues though, and it's honesty something I'd never thought of ' If you're poisoned and have zero way to heal, it's better to let yourself die before triggering important scripts or battles if at all possible, and I''ll see if scripting differently can lead to a fix.
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