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    Bay flinched as Lucy seemed to be effected by Blaine's words more than he was, which, for her, was enough to act on. She patronized the man, and listied her rules that Blaine broke and her image grew much more threatening for Blaine. Bay was somewhat relieved that this man was apparently weak as he appeared and that Lucy halted this man's monologue on his plan to end Pokemon. Although these creatures didn't ever physically exist during his lifetime, they were spiritually equal to people in Bay's opinion.

    Lucy manhandled Blaine and forced him into against the wall, her strength seemed almost astonishing based on her appearance as she lifted the man with ease, his neck gripped in one hand. The man must be terrified and under normal circumstances, Bay would've felt sympathy for him but now he felt that Blaine brought this upon himself and that he deserved any punishment that became of this.

    Bay's eyes were focused on Lucy and Blaine's words but he rubbed his eyes in disbelief as a distorted mouth protruded out of Lucy's stomach. He had seen this before as she had released Creed this way before although it seemed to have been ages ago this happened. Lucy had put this man's life in Amethyst's hands and Bay looked at her for her response. Bay couldn't help but grin as he knew this man was experiencing raw fear, something that Bay had felt numerous times in his life. As Amy's eyes seemed to shine, the two colors that Bay had just recognized, red and blue, seemed to hold two different people inside of each. One, wanting the man's carnage, and the other, wanting to spare him.

    Bay just watched this, half-expecting Blaine's sons to come, but forgetting the possibility in the moment. Blaine tossed the vial of Pokespirit Nullification Liquid to Cinder and they coated their claws with the liquid that might as well be lethal poison.

    The boys declared that they were going to give them time to run, and Bay immediately declined this offer but didn't communicate it, enraged that this man would stoop so low as to do this. Bay knew that if the girls ran, he'd be toast but he also had a last resort before he had to submit to combat.

    He looked to Crimson, getting something of an intuition that he wasn't mentally sharp as his claws were. Bay walked out between the girls and the two boys, casually and feeling excessively idiotic. "So, you're going to attack us after your father took us out of eavesdropping range and told us of his plan to kill you?" Bay asked, hoping his ploy would work in either causing them to fight each other or to, at the very least, make an opening for the girls to attack or run. The choice was at their discretion but Bay was prepared for either choice as he readied his feet to dodge any sudden attack.


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