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I look at it from a need stand point as to where they need to go back and address. Or what is good for this marketing wise.

Kanto - They have already revisited Kanto with BF, unless there was a Kanto centric game i.e. a Yellow Remake this I don't see a point going there. The only scenario I can see is him competing in the Indigo League again, and do we really have enough time between now and the next generation for another Kanto arc?

Johto - Aside from Cameron alluding that he thought the League was going to be in Ecruteak City there is no real reason to revisit Johto. HGSS already had its promo in DP Saga, and there is no need to promote Johto especially after they got another promo in Movie 13 right before Gen V. Unless they decided to locate Battle Frontier there instead of Sinnoh then that's one thing but I doubt at this point they will do that.

Hoenn - They could go there to promote a possible RS reake, but they don't necessarily need to go to a region to promote the game. Otherwise if its not for game promotion I don't see a reason to go.

Sinnoh - Again there is the BF scenario, but I doubt it happening. Cynthia could always invite them along with Caitlin but I highly doubt that.

Unkown - Basically a region(sub-region) like Orange Islands that has yet to be explored or not mentioned and can be an Anime exclusive location if need be. For me this situation can be possible since its quite open to going and doing something need as I feel they would have plenty of room to work with and could also focus on all the pokemon.

Right now though I figure they will probably try and run the series in Unova at least until Movie 16 and link the N/Plasma arc to the movie in some way. Then after July I could see the an Unknown place scenario happen since they are already visiting locations in Unova they have yet to visit. So after they get done visiting these Unova locations I think anything can happen at that point.

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